Originally Game Terrain started out as a Kickstarter campaign which you can still view on the following link:

Kickstart Campaign

Therefore we owe a lot to a group of people who invested trust and money into our product before we were even in production; our backers

David Weston, Paul Wright, J, Preston Jacka, Dave Walker, Nathan Oswald, Mao, Reinhard Hankofer, Mike Clayton, Richard, Brody States, Michael Venderdahl, Dan Hutchins, Sean Thomas, Steven Hill, Bradley Lewis, David Penrose, Keith Dowson, Lucia Hedderley, Sherwin Ejlali, Joe Bambini, Mark Tarver, Ryan M Squires, David Mackenzie, Benjamin, Michelle Trout, Brandon Graham, John H, Laurent T. Off. Baker, Duchy of Valoria, Chris Powell, Simon Staines, Analog Games, Barnaby, Jason Gross, Russell Webb, Nathan Ball, Charles Burkart, Andy Beer, Tim, Johan Kristian Milde, Sominex, Kristian Bauer, Dominic Reilly, Gary Lester, No Body, Grand Arcanum Games and JLLongshore

Thank you each and every one