About us

Why we started GameTerrain

In resent years there has been a decline in available “off the shelf” terrain models for table-top games. With Warhammer recently pulling their fantasy range of buildings, it has resulted in gamers having to either build there own or buy other types of construction. 

 Currently there are ranges of laser cut ply models, Cardboard models or injection moulded plastic models, all of which for some gamers just don’t cut it. When we spend a lot of time, money and effort on making our miniatures look great, these building models tend to let the side down. The most recent solutions include developing models that can be downloaded and 3D printed however the detail is not quite there yet and not everyone can afford a 3D printer. 

 For this reason, we have decided to start up Game Terrain!  

What is GameTerrain.co.uk 

 We are using the tried and tested method of hand carving every individual detail to create realistic terrain building models. From slate effect roofing tiles to timber frame windows and doors, even building every stonework wall brick by brick. From these master models, we will create replica casts for you to paint and use. 

 Having produced professional gaming models for many years including one off commissioned designs, the time has now come to share a new range of “off the shelf’ products for wargamers.